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It may be hard tell but this site was started by an air gun enthusiast. When I first got into PCP air guns my life would have been so much easier if a site like this existed. Pre-charged pneumatic air rifles (PCP) air guns are air guns that use high pressure air as a fuel source. They have onboard mini air tanks that can be charged all the way up to 3,500 psi (on some models). Once filled you can fire the gun multiple times; some guns can fire 120 shots or so before needing to be recharged.

So how does that play into this site?

Well all of us PCP air gun shooters have one thing in common, we need high pressure air and tanks to hold them unless we want to fill our guns with a high pressure hand pump. We can use many different types of tanks to fill our air guns. The higher pressure ones (3,500 psi or above) work better but the 3,000 psi scuba tanks will work in a pinch. The biggest considerations when selecting a tank for PCP air rifles are, "Can I get the tank filled? How far will I have to travel to do it?" Once you figure out what tank will best suit your needs and find places to fill it, you are half way there. Now you have to figure out what connectors and fittings you neet to adapt that tank to fill your gun. Remember when I said places to fill it? This bit me because I decided to use the firefighter 4,500 psi carbon fiber tanks to fill my air guns. In my case I had one place that said they could fill it... yet when I showed up with my tank on a Friday to get it filled they told me they didn't have the right adaptor for my tank to connect it to the fill system.

Since they filled HPA paintball fittings I asked, "If I purchase an adaptor to go from the female foster fitting to convert it to a male foster fitting, will you fill it?" They said yes. So I ordered a male to male adaptor to solve the problem. Finally using the charging system for my gun along with the male to male adaptor I was able to get my tank filled. All went well for a few fills until the day I had made plans for a weekend shooting event and needed my tank topped off. I showed up with my tank, charging hose, and male to male (not my first rodeo). The regular person was not working that day and the person filling in did not feel comfortable filling my scba tank. (Well, that sucked!) I went back the following Monday and the regular person filled my tank. In an attempt to avoid future problems I decided to invest in 2 more of the 4,500 psi carbon fiber tanks. My thought was to make sure that person was working then fill all three tanks at once to ensure I never put myself in a position to run out of air again. Having multiple tanks also allowed me to cascade fill so the tanks last longer. This solution worked for about a year until my contact at that location moved on to better things. The next time I went in to get the tanks filled I was surprised to learn that the store had a policy change and they were no longer allowed to fill my tanks.

This prompted me to purchase a 3,500 psi steel scuba tank, and spend another $140 dollars on a fill adaptor to mate up with the different valve on the scuba tank. I'd tell you how much money I invested up to this point, but I'd be too embarrassed.

So this is why I built I wanted there to be a way for people to share information on where they got their tanks filled, including a commenting system allowing people to leave updates with details about each filling location (maybe something like, "Be sure to go on a weekday, the guy who fills SCBA tanks isn't there on weekends!" ... or "Their compressor is down!"). Yes, this happened to me once: I showed up with tank in hand, only to find the compressor was broke and they were waiting for a part.

While I was building the site, knowing that some airguners use CO2 to charge air guns, I decided to ad that too because it will help air and paintball shooters, and even some people that use CO2 bottles for home keg systems. Nitrogen was added because some PCP air gun shooters that do not have fill stations near them lease big nitrogen tanks and keep them in the garage.

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